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Kurt von Schmittou

(407) 373-9557

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Let Kurt provide you with whatever Voiceovers you need.  Tell him what you want and he'll record your vocals in his own studio, edit them as you desire, and send them to you.  Currently he uses Pro Tools and sends files in WAV or MP3 format but can also customize files to suit your needs.      

Why use Kurt?  Read below to find out!


   Originally from Nashville, Kurt has his Bachelor of Music degree in Recording Industry Management and Music Industry.  Getting a lot of hands-on experience in Nashville, Kurt worked on Music Row, performed as a soloist on the Grand Ole Opry, toured internationally as a vocalist with The Chippendales, performed in several shows on Broadway, recorded background vocals for Yanni, and over the past 2 decades has recorded voice-overs for such companies as Disney, Sea World, Busch Gardens, Nickelodeon, Universal Studios, Legoland, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Gaylord Resorts, NASCAR, Hal Leonard Publishing, and numerous others.  His voice can currently be heard in every Disney theme park in the world.

    Kurt’s background as a singer and improvisational actor, as well as his ability to produce countless types of character and narrative voices, gives him a versatility to adapt to any project with professional results.  Not to mention, he’s a lot of fun!   Here's what his peers say about him:

"Kurt is my "go to" VO talent.  Announcer voices, character voices, storyteller voices...he does it all.  Not only will he give you creative options, he also takes direction incredibly well and can adapt his sound as you need."

                                                                                           - Joyce Arbucias, Producer / Director

                                                                                             The Imagination House


"Kurt is a masterful Voiceover Artist because he knows which voice to use when and how.  From Satan to Santa, this guy can meet your need.  Guy Next Door charm? Check! The Voice of Authority? Got it! Kurt is one of the most creative and professional people I've had the pleasure to work with.  And if your character needs to just hit the mother lode!"

                                                                                           -  Sarah Moore, President

                                                                                             College Park Productions, Inc.

"Kurt is on our very short list of VO and vocal talent.  He brings such a diverse range of voice both spoken and sung.  More importantly Kurt is always a pleasure to work with and brings the funny to every session.  His skills on the mic are second to none and his presence in the studio is always a joy." 

                                                                                            -  Dan Fontana, Owner

                                                                                                Ty Fy Studios, Inc.

"It seems impossible to me that so many different voices and sounds can come out of one man’s body! Kurt has been able to provide everything I asked for when recording voice-overs for band shows.  His ability to read a line in a variety of tones and inflections is a wonder, and gives me a lot of choices and ideas.  His versatility and sheer raw talent are invaluable and I can’t imagine creating a voice-over without him.  Plus, he’s quite possibly the world’s nicest guy and super easy to work with.  I would recommend Kurt to anyone looking for voice recordings of any kind."


                                                                                               -  Tim Hinton

                                                                                                   Marching Band Designer &

                                                                                                   Consultant at

                                                                                                   Host, Administrator, & Course Designer